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Why You Need A Website

Every small business owner needs to have a website, at the very least a basic website.  As I've explained in other parts of this website, there are so many people now searching the internet for local products and services, making it a must to have some sort of basic, functional, user-friendly website that expands your business's ability to take advantage of Local SEO. 

Get a basic, appealing, user-friendly website built for as little as $500.  Better Business Listing can build you a simple website, and build it for local SEO.  The price of the website is going to depend on the complexity and size of the website.  Better Business Listing's focus right now is to help the smaller business owner get a website going and perform Local SEO on that site so it can bring in customers.  The cost of $500 covers a basic website of up to five pages, which in most cases is all the small business owner really needs.

Having a Google business listing plus a website gives you, the small business owner, greater opportunities for Local SEO.  Now that Google has a blended algorithm for search–they used to have one algorithm for organic search results (websites) and another for local results (business listing)–where local search results are blended with organic results, it's that much more important now for small business owner's to have a website.  And it doesn't have to be some fancy, huge website.  All you need is a simple website that is formatted correctly for search engine optimization and you're on your way to driving more customers to your local business.