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Better Business Listing is a company that is focused on providing Local Internet Marketing for small businesses. We offer website development, search engine optimization (SEO), optimized Google business listings, social media (facebook page), and web hosting. Our mission is to help small business owners grow their business with an affordable, effective local internet marketing strategy.

Understanding the growing need and importance of Local SEO as part of the small business owner's marketing strategy, we started researching SEO companies for information on their services and pricing. We looked at several companies but couldn't find any that offered quality services at an affordable price for small business owners, thus making it cost prohibitive for many small business owners to take advantage of local internet marketing.

We discovered a niche market—the opportunity to provide small business owners with quality local internet marketing that fits their budget.

The reason why we can focus on making local SEO so affordable for small businesses: our overhead is much lower than other SEO companies. Better Business Listing is comprised of the owner, Joel Glover, who has a passion for local internet marketing and website design, and another SEO Specialist. As we grow our Local Internet Marketing business, we will hire some data entry people to assist with manual directory submissions for the optimized Google business listings. Until then, it's just Joel and another SEO Specialist, two computers, software programs, SEO tools, and a whole bunch of know how.

Because we have very little overhead and we do all the work ourselves, we are able to pass that savings on to you, the small business owner.

Ethical Local SEO

Unfortunately there are SEO companies out there that do what's called unethical SEO or "Black Hat" SEO in order to get their client ranked on the first page quickly.  It's vital that the small business owner choose an SEO company that does ethical or "White Hat" SEO.

The search engines have filters to ward against unethical practices and will penalize those who use unethical tactics to cheat the search engine's algorythm.  The search engines want to make sure that they are providing people with the highest quality and most relevant information, therefore things like spamming (a form of blackhat SEO) are frowned upon and will end up getting the small buiness owner's business listing much lower rankings, suspended, or possibly even banned.

Better Business Listing will provide you with ethical Local SEO.  You will know what you are paying for when you receive Local SEO services from Better Business Listing.   You will be very happy with the cost associated with the service we provide and you will get results (a return on your investment).  We can offer much better pricing than other SEO companies because we have very little overhead, we do the SEO work ourselves, and we are not trying to make a lot money off of one client.  Better Business Listing believes in doing things the right way, with honesty and integrity.

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